scipy.cluster.hierarchy.inconsistent(Z, d=2)

Calculates inconsistency statistics on a linkage.

Note: This function behaves similarly to the MATLAB(TM) inconsistent function.

Parameters :
  • d : int

    The number of links up to d levels below each non-singleton cluster

  • Z : ndarray

    The (n-1) by 4 matrix encoding the linkage (hierarchical clustering). See linkage documentation for more information on its form.

Returns :
  • R : ndarray

    A (n-1) by 5 matrix where the i‘th row contains the link statistics for the non-singleton cluster i. The link statistics are computed over the link heights for links d levels below the cluster i. R[i,0] and R[i,1] are the mean and standard deviation of the link heights, respectively; R[i,2] is the number of links included in the calculation; and R[i,3] is the inconsistency coefficient,


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