ClusterNode.pre_order(func=<function <lambda> at 0x49a0b18>)

Performs preorder traversal without recursive function calls. When a leaf node is first encountered, func is called with the leaf node as its argument, and its result is appended to the list.

For example, the statement:

ids = root.pre_order(lambda x:

returns a list of the node ids corresponding to the leaf nodes of the tree as they appear from left to right.

Parameters :
  • func : function Applied to each leaf ClusterNode object in the pre-order traversal. Given the i’th leaf node in the pre-order traversal n[i], the result of func(n[i]) is stored in L[i]. If not provided, the index of the original observation to which the node corresponds is used.
Returns :
  • L : list The pre-order traversal.

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