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MATLAB® files

loadmat(file_name, **kwargs[, mdict, appendmat]) Load Matlab(tm) file
savemat(file_name, mdict[, appendmat, ...]) Save a dictionary of names and arrays into the MATLAB-style .mat file.

Matrix Market files

mminfo(source) Queries the contents of the Matrix Market file ‘filename’ to
mmread(source) Reads the contents of a Matrix Market file ‘filename’ into a matrix.
mmwrite(target, a[, comment, field, precision]) Writes the sparse or dense matrix A to a Matrix Market formatted file.


save_as_module([file_name, data]) Save the dictionary “data” into a module and shelf named save.

Wav sound files (

read(file) Return the sample rate (in samples/sec) and data from a WAV file
write(filename, rate, data) Write a numpy array as a WAV file

Arff files (

Module to read arff files (weka format).

arff is a simple file format which support numerical, string and data values. It supports sparse data too.

See for more details about arff format and available datasets.

loadarff(filename) Read an arff file.

Netcdf (

netcdf_file(filename[, mode, mmap, version]) A netcdf_file object has two standard attributes: dimensions and variables.
netcdf_variable(data, typecode, shape, ...) netcdf_variable objects are constructed by calling the method