Compute nt (<=1200) zeros of the bessel functions Jn and Jn’ and arange them in order of their magnitudes.

Outputs (all are arrays of length nt):

zo[l-1] – Value of the lth zero of of Jn(x) and Jn’(x) n[l-1] – Order of the Jn(x) or Jn’(x) associated with lth zero m[l-1] – Serial number of the zeros of Jn(x) or Jn’(x) associated

with lth zero.
t[l-1] – 0 if lth zero in zo is zero of Jn(x), 1 if it is a zero
of Jn’(x)

See jn_zeros, jnp_zeros to get separated arrays of zeros.

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