scipy.signal.remez(numtaps, bands, desired, weight=None, Hz=1, type='bandpass', maxiter=25, grid_density=16)

Calculate the minimax optimal filter using Remez exchange algorithm.


Calculate the filter-coefficients for the finite impulse response (FIR) filter whose transfer function minimizes the maximum error between the desired gain and the realized gain in the specified bands using the remez exchange algorithm.


numtaps – The desired number of taps in the filter. bands – A montonic sequence containing the band edges. All elements

must be non-negative and less than 1/2 the sampling frequency as given by Hz.
desired – A sequency half the size of bands containing the desired gain
in each of the specified bands

weight – A relative weighting to give to each band region. type — The type of filter:

‘bandpass’ : flat response in bands. ‘differentiator’ : frequency proportional response in bands.

Outputs: (out,)

out – A rank-1 array containing the coefficients of the optimal
(in a minimax sense) filter.

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