scipy.signal.gausspulse(t, fc=1000, bw=0.5, bwr=-6, tpr=-60, retquad=0, retenv=0)

Return a gaussian modulated sinusoid: exp(-a t^2) exp(1j*2*pi*fc).

If retquad is non-zero, then return the real and imaginary parts (in-phase and quadrature) If retenv is non-zero, then return the envelope (unmodulated signal). Otherwise, return the real part of the modulated sinusoid.

Parameters :

t : ndarray

Input array.

fc : int, optional

Center frequency (Hz).

bw : float, optional

Fractional bandwidth in frequency domain of pulse (Hz).

bwr: float, optional :

Reference level at which fractional bandwidth is calculated (dB).

tpr : float, optional

If t is ‘cutoff’, then the function returns the cutoff time for when the pulse amplitude falls below tpr (in dB).

retquad : int, optional

Return the quadrature (imaginary) as well as the real part of the signal.

retenv : int, optional

Return the envelope of the signal.

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