scipy.ndimage.filters.gaussian_filter1d(input, sigma, axis=-1, order=0, output=None, mode='reflect', cval=0.0)

One-dimensional Gaussian filter.

Parameters :

input : array-like

input array to filter

sigma : scalar

standard deviation for Gaussian kernel

axis : integer, optional

axis of input along which to calculate. Default is -1

order : {0, 1, 2, 3}, optional

An order of 0 corresponds to convolution with a Gaussian kernel. An order of 1, 2, or 3 corresponds to convolution with the first, second or third derivatives of a Gaussian. Higher order derivatives are not implemented

output : array, optional

The output parameter passes an array in which to store the filter output.

mode : {‘reflect’,’constant’,’nearest’,’mirror’, ‘wrap’}, optional

The mode parameter determines how the array borders are handled, where cval is the value when mode is equal to ‘constant’. Default is ‘reflect’

cval : scalar, optional

Value to fill past edges of input if mode is ‘constant’. Default is 0.0

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