bigmodel.settestsamples(F_list, logprob_list, testevery=1, priorlogprob_list=None)

Requests that the model be tested every ‘testevery’ iterations during fitting using the provided list F_list of feature matrices, each representing a sample {x_j} from an auxiliary distribution q, together with the corresponding log probabiltiy mass or density values log {q(x_j)} in logprob_list. This is useful as an external check on the fitting process with sample path optimization, which could otherwise reflect the vagaries of the single sample being used for optimization, rather than the population as a whole.

If self.testevery > 1, only perform the test every self.testevery calls.

If priorlogprob_list is not None, it should be a list of arrays of log(p0(x_j)) values, j = 0,. ..., n - 1, specifying the prior distribution p0 for the sample points x_j for each of the test samples.

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