scipy.linalg.solve(a, b, sym_pos=False, lower=False, overwrite_a=False, overwrite_b=False, debug=False)

Solve the equation a x = b for x

Parameters :

a : array, shape (M, M)

b : array, shape (M,) or (M, N)

sym_pos : boolean

Assume a is symmetric and positive definite

lower : boolean

Use only data contained in the lower triangle of a, if sym_pos is true. Default is to use upper triangle.

overwrite_a : boolean

Allow overwriting data in a (may enhance performance)

overwrite_b : boolean

Allow overwriting data in b (may enhance performance)

Returns :

x : array, shape (M,) or (M, N) depending on b

Solution to the system a x = b

Raises LinAlgError if a is singular :

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