scipy.interpolate.bisplev(x, y, tck, dx=0, dy=0)

Evaluate a bivariate B-spline and its derivatives.


Return a rank-2 array of spline function values (or spline derivative values) at points given by the cross-product of the rank-1 arrays x and y. In special cases, return an array or just a float if either x or y or both are floats. Based on BISPEV from FITPACK.


x, y – Rank-1 arrays specifying the domain over which to evaluate the
spline or its derivative.
tck – A sequence of length 5 returned by bisplrep containing the knot
locations, the coefficients, and the degree of the spline: [tx, ty, c, kx, ky].

dx, dy – The orders of the partial derivatives in x and y respectively.

Outputs: (vals, )

vals – The B-pline or its derivative evaluated over the set formed by
the cross-product of x and y.


SEE bisprep to generate the tck representation.
See also:

splprep, splrep, splint, sproot, splev - evaluation, roots, integral UnivariateSpline, BivariateSpline - an alternative wrapping

of the FITPACK functions

Notes: Based on algorithms from:

Dierckx P. : An algorithm for surface fitting with spline functions
Ima J. Numer. Anal. 1 (1981) 267-283.
Dierckx P. : An algorithm for surface fitting with spline functions
report tw50, Dept. Computer Science,K.U.Leuven, 1980.
Dierckx P. : Curve and surface fitting with splines, Monographs on
Numerical Analysis, Oxford University Press, 1993.

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