scipy.integrate.romb(y, dx=1.0, axis=-1, show=False)

Romberg integration using samples of a function

Parameters :

y : array like

a vector of 2**k + 1 equally-spaced samples of a function

dx : array like

the sample spacing.

axis : array like?

the axis along which to integrate

show : Boolean

When y is a single 1-d array, then if this argument is True print the table showing Richardson extrapolation from the samples.

Returns :

ret : array_like?

The integrated result for each axis.

See also: :

quad - adaptive quadrature using QUADPACK romberg - adaptive Romberg quadrature quadrature - adaptive Gaussian quadrature fixed_quad - fixed-order Gaussian quadrature dblquad, tplquad - double and triple integrals simps, trapz - integrators for sampled data cumtrapz - cumulative integration for sampled data ode, odeint - ODE integrators

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