Fourier transforms (scipy.fftpack)

Fast Fourier transforms

fft(x[, n, axis, overwrite_x]) Return discrete Fourier transform of arbitrary type sequence x.
ifft(x[, n, axis, overwrite_x]) ifft(x, n=None, axis=-1, overwrite_x=0) -> y
fftn(x[, shape, axes, overwrite_x]) fftn(x, shape=None, axes=None, overwrite_x=0) -> y
ifftn(x[, shape, axes, overwrite_x]) Return inverse multi-dimensional discrete Fourier transform of
fft2(x[, shape, axes, overwrite_x]) 2-D discrete Fourier transform.
ifft2(x[, shape, axes, overwrite_x]) ifft2(x, shape=None, axes=(-2,-1), overwrite_x=0) -> y
rfft(x[, n, axis, overwrite_x]) rfft(x, n=None, axis=-1, overwrite_x=0) -> y
irfft(x[, n, axis, overwrite_x]) irfft(x, n=None, axis=-1, overwrite_x=0) -> y

Differential and pseudo-differential operators

diff(x[, order, period, _cache]) diff(x, order=1, period=2*pi) -> y
tilbert(x, h[, period, _cache]) tilbert(x, h, period=2*pi) -> y
itilbert(x, h[, period, _cache]) itilbert(x, h, period=2*pi) -> y
hilbert(x[, _cache]) hilbert(x) -> y
ihilbert(x) ihilbert(x) -> y
cs_diff(x, a, b[, period, _cache]) cs_diff(x, a, b, period=2*pi) -> y
sc_diff(x, a, b[, period, _cache]) Return (a,b)-sinh/cosh pseudo-derivative of a periodic sequence x.
ss_diff(x, a, b[, period, _cache]) ss_diff(x, a, b, period=2*pi) -> y
cc_diff(x, a, b[, period, _cache]) cc_diff(x, a, b, period=2*pi) -> y
shift(x, a[, period, _cache]) shift(x, a, period=2*pi) -> y

Helper functions

fftshift(x[, axes]) Shift the zero-frequency component to the center of the spectrum.
ifftshift(x[, axes]) The inverse of fftshift.
rfftfreq(n[, d]) rfftfreq(n, d=1.0) -> f

Convolutions (scipy.fftpack.convolve)

convolve convolve - Function signature:
convolve_z convolve_z - Function signature:
init_convolution_kernel init_convolution_kernel - Function signature:
destroy_convolve_cache destroy_convolve_cache - Function signature:

Other (scipy.fftpack._fftpack)

drfft drfft - Function signature:
zfft zfft - Function signature:
zrfft zrfft - Function signature:
zfftnd zfftnd - Function signature:
destroy_drfft_cache destroy_drfft_cache - Function signature:
destroy_zfft_cache destroy_zfft_cache - Function signature:
destroy_zfftnd_cache destroy_zfftnd_cache - Function signature: