cKDTree.sparse_distance_matrix(self, other, max_distance, p=2.)

Compute a sparse distance matrix

Computes a distance matrix between two cKDTrees, leaving as zero any distance greater than max_distance.


other : cKDTree

max_distance : positive float

p : float, 1<=p<=infinity

Which Minkowski p-norm to use.

output_type : string, optional

Which container to use for output data. Options: ‘dok_matrix’, ‘coo_matrix’, ‘dict’, or ‘ndarray’. Default: ‘dok_matrix’.


result : dok_matrix, coo_matrix, dict or ndarray

Sparse matrix representing the results in “dictionary of keys” format. If a dict is returned the keys are (i,j) tuples of indices. If output_type is ‘ndarray’ a record array with fields ‘i’, ‘j’, and ‘k’ is returned,