NdPPoly.integrate_1d(a, b, axis, extrapolate=None)[source]

Compute NdPPoly representation for one dimensional definite integral

The result is a piecewise polynomial representing the integral:

\[p(y, z, ...) = \int_a^b dx\, p(x, y, z, ...)\]

where the dimension integrated over is specified with the axis parameter.


a, b : float

Lower and upper bound for integration.

axis : int

Dimension over which to compute the 1D integrals

extrapolate : bool, optional

Whether to extrapolate to out-of-bounds points based on first and last intervals, or to return NaNs.


ig : NdPPoly or array-like

Definite integral of the piecewise polynomial over [a, b]. If the polynomial was 1-dimensional, an array is returned, otherwise, an NdPPoly object.