class scipy.cluster.hierarchy.ClusterNode(id, left=None, right=None, dist=0, count=1)[source]

A tree node class for representing a cluster.

Leaf nodes correspond to original observations, while non-leaf nodes correspond to non-singleton clusters.

The to_tree function converts a matrix returned by the linkage function into an easy-to-use tree representation.

All parameter names are also attributes.


id : int

The node id.

left : ClusterNode instance, optional

The left child tree node.

right : ClusterNode instance, optional

The right child tree node.

dist : float, optional

Distance for this cluster in the linkage matrix.

count : int, optional

The number of samples in this cluster.

See also

for converting a linkage matrix Z into a tree object.


get_count() The number of leaf nodes (original observations) belonging to the cluster node nd.
get_id() The identifier of the target node.
get_left() Return a reference to the left child tree object.
get_right() Returns a reference to the right child tree object.
is_leaf() Returns True if the target node is a leaf.
pre_order([func]) Performs pre-order traversal without recursive function calls.