scipy.special.sph_inkn(*args, **kwds)[source]

sph_inkn is deprecated! scipy.special.sph_inkn is deprecated in scipy 0.18.0. Use scipy.special.spherical_in and scipy.special.spherical_kn instead. Note that the new function has a different signature.

Compute spherical Bessel functions in(z), kn(z), and derivatives.

This function computes the value and first derivative of in(z) and kn(z) for all orders up to and including n.

n : int

Maximum order of in and kn to compute

z : complex

Argument at which to evaluate


in : ndarray

Value of i0(z), ..., in(z)

inp : ndarray

First derivative i0’(z), ..., in’(z)

kn : ndarray

Value of k0(z), ..., kn(z)

knp : ndarray

First derivative k0’(z), ..., kn’(z)