SciPy, a, comment='', field=None, precision=None, symmetry=None)[source]

Writes the sparse or dense array a to Matrix Market file-like target.


target : str or file-like

Matrix Market filename (extension .mtx) or open file-like object.

a : array like

Sparse or dense 2D array.

comment : str, optional

Comments to be prepended to the Matrix Market file.

field : None or str, optional

Either ‘real’, ‘complex’, ‘pattern’, or ‘integer’.

precision : None or int, optional

Number of digits to display for real or complex values.

symmetry : None or str, optional

Either ‘general’, ‘symmetric’, ‘skew-symmetric’, or ‘hermitian’. If symmetry is None the symmetry type of ‘a’ is determined by its values.

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