cKDTree.query_pairs(self, r, p=2., eps=0)

Find all pairs of points whose distance is at most r.


r : positive float

The maximum distance.

p : float, optional

Which Minkowski norm to use. p has to meet the condition 1 <= p <= infinity.

eps : float, optional

Approximate search. Branches of the tree are not explored if their nearest points are further than r/(1+eps), and branches are added in bulk if their furthest points are nearer than r * (1+eps). eps has to be non-negative.

output_type : string, optional

Choose the output container, ‘set’ or ‘ndarray’. Default: ‘set’


results : set or ndarray

Set of pairs (i,j), with i < j, for which the corresponding positions are close. If output_type is ‘ndarray’, an ndarry is returned instead of a set.