class scipy.interpolate.ppform(coeffs, breaks, fill=0.0, sort=False)[source]

Deprecated piecewise polynomial class.

New code should use the PPoly class instead.


antiderivative([nu]) Construct a new piecewise polynomial representing the antiderivative.
construct_fast(c, x[, extrapolate, axis]) Construct the piecewise polynomial without making checks.
derivative([nu]) Construct a new piecewise polynomial representing the derivative.
extend(c, x[, right]) Add additional breakpoints and coefficients to the polynomial.
from_bernstein_basis(bp[, extrapolate]) Construct a piecewise polynomial in the power basis from a polynomial in Bernstein basis.
from_spline(tck[, extrapolate]) Construct a piecewise polynomial from a spline :Parameters: tck A spline, as returned by splrep extrapolate : bool, optional Whether to extrapolate to ouf-of-bounds points based on first and last intervals, or to return NaNs.
fromspline(xk, cvals, order[, fill])
integrate(a, b[, extrapolate]) Compute a definite integral over a piecewise polynomial.
roots([discontinuity, extrapolate]) Find real roots of the piecewise polynomial.