C/C++ integration (scipy.weave)


This documentation is work-in-progress and unorganized.

C/C++ integration

NOTE: this module is deprecated and will be removed from Scipy before the 1.0 release – use the standalone weave package (``_) instead.

inline – a function for including C/C++ code within Python blitz – a function for compiling Numeric expressions to C++ ext_tools – a module that helps construct C/C++ extension modules. accelerate – a module that inline accelerates Python functions


On Linux one needs to have the Python development headers installed in order to be able to compile things with the weave module. Since this is a runtime dependency these headers (typically in a pythonX.Y-dev package) are not always installed when installing scipy.

inline(code[, arg_names, local_dict, ...]) Inline C/C++ code within Python scripts.
blitz(expr[, local_dict, global_dict, ...])