Miscellaneous routines (scipy.misc)ΒΆ

Various utilities that don’t have another home.

Note that the Python Imaging Library (PIL) is not a dependency of SciPy and therefore the pilutil module is not available on systems that don’t have PIL installed.

ascent() Get an 8-bit grayscale bit-depth, 512 x 512 derived image for easy use in demos The image is derived from accent-to-the-top.jpg at :Parameters: None :Returns: ascent : ndarray convenient image to use for testing and demonstration ..
bytescale(data[, cmin, cmax, high, low]) Byte scales an array (image).
central_diff_weights(Np[, ndiv]) Return weights for an Np-point central derivative.
comb(N, k[, exact, repetition]) The number of combinations of N things taken k at a time.
derivative(func, x0[, dx, n, args, order]) Find the n-th derivative of a function at a point.
face([gray]) Get a 1024 x 768, color image of a raccoon face.
factorial(n[, exact]) The factorial function, n! = special.gamma(n+1).
factorial2(n[, exact]) Double factorial.
factorialk(n, k[, exact]) n(!!...!) = multifactorial of order k
fromimage(im[, flatten]) Return a copy of a PIL image as a numpy array.
imfilter(arr, ftype) Simple filtering of an image.
imread(name[, flatten]) Read an image from a file as an array.
imresize(arr, size[, interp, mode]) Resize an image.
imrotate(arr, angle[, interp]) Rotate an image counter-clockwise by angle degrees.
imsave(name, arr[, format]) Save an array as an image.
imshow(arr) Simple showing of an image through an external viewer.
info([object, maxwidth, output, toplevel]) Get help information for a function, class, or module.
lena() Get classic image processing example image, Lena, at 8-bit grayscale bit-depth, 512 x 512 size.
logsumexp(a[, axis, b, keepdims]) Compute the log of the sum of exponentials of input elements.
pade(an, m) Return Pade approximation to a polynomial as the ratio of two polynomials.
toimage(arr[, high, low, cmin, cmax, pal, ...]) Takes a numpy array and returns a PIL image.
who([vardict]) Print the Numpy arrays in the given dictionary.