scipy.stats.histogram2(*args, **kwds)[source]

histogram2 is deprecated! scipy.stats.histogram2 is deprecated in scipy 0.16.0; use np.histogram2d instead

Compute histogram using divisions in bins.

Count the number of times values from array a fall into numerical ranges defined by bins. Range x is given by bins[x] <= range_x < bins[x+1] where x =0,N and N is the length of the bins array. The last range is given by bins[N] <= range_N < infinity. Values less than bins[0] are not included in the histogram.


a : array_like of rank 1

The array of values to be assigned into bins

bins : array_like of rank 1

Defines the ranges of values to use during histogramming.


histogram2 : ndarray of rank 1

Each value represents the occurrences for a given bin (range) of values.

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