ODR.set_iprint(init=None, so_init=None, iter=None, so_iter=None, iter_step=None, final=None, so_final=None)[source]

Set the iprint parameter for the printing of computation reports.

If any of the arguments are specified here, then they are set in the iprint member. If iprint is not set manually or with this method, then ODRPACK defaults to no printing. If no filename is specified with the member rptfile, then ODRPACK prints to stdout. One can tell ODRPACK to print to stdout in addition to the specified filename by setting the so_* arguments to this function, but one cannot specify to print to stdout but not a file since one can do that by not specifying a rptfile filename.

There are three reports: initialization, iteration, and final reports. They are represented by the arguments init, iter, and final respectively. The permissible values are 0, 1, and 2 representing “no report”, “short report”, and “long report” respectively.

The argument iter_step (0 <= iter_step <= 9) specifies how often to make the iteration report; the report will be made for every iter_step’th iteration starting with iteration one. If iter_step == 0, then no iteration report is made, regardless of the other arguments.

If the rptfile is None, then any so_* arguments supplied will raise an exception.

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