scipy.ndimage.measurements.center_of_mass(input, labels=None, index=None)[source]

Calculate the center of mass of the values of an array at labels.


input : ndarray

Data from which to calculate center-of-mass.

labels : ndarray, optional

Labels for objects in input, as generated by ndimage.label. Only used with index. Dimensions must be the same as input.

index : int or sequence of ints, optional

Labels for which to calculate centers-of-mass. If not specified, all labels greater than zero are used. Only used with labels.


center_of_mass : tuple, or list of tuples

Coordinates of centers-of-mass.


>>> a = np.array(([0,0,0,0],
>>> from scipy import ndimage
>>> ndimage.measurements.center_of_mass(a)
(2.0, 1.5)

Calculation of multiple objects in an image

>>> b = np.array(([0,1,1,0],
>>> lbl = ndimage.label(b)[0]
>>> ndimage.measurements.center_of_mass(b, lbl, [1,2])
[(0.33333333333333331, 1.3333333333333333), (3.5, 2.5)]