scipy.fftpack.idst(x, type=2, n=None, axis=-1, norm=None, overwrite_x=False)[source]

Return the Inverse Discrete Sine Transform of an arbitrary type sequence.


x : array_like

The input array.

type : {1, 2, 3}, optional

Type of the DST (see Notes). Default type is 2.

n : int, optional

Length of the transform. If n < x.shape[axis], x is truncated. If n > x.shape[axis], x is zero-padded. The default results in n = x.shape[axis].

axis : int, optional

Axis along which the idst is computed; the default is over the last axis (i.e., axis=-1).

norm : {None, ‘ortho’}, optional

Normalization mode (see Notes). Default is None.

overwrite_x : bool, optional

If True, the contents of x can be destroyed; the default is False.


idst : ndarray of real

The transformed input array.

See also

Forward DST


‘The’ IDST is the IDST of type 2, which is the same as DST of type 3.

IDST of type 1 is the DST of type 1, IDST of type 2 is the DST of type 3, and IDST of type 3 is the DST of type 2. For the definition of these types, see dst.

New in version 0.11.0.

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