scipy.special.sph_harm = <numpy.lib.function_base.vectorize object at 0x2b45cf332890>[source]

Compute spherical harmonics.

This is a ufunc and may take scalar or array arguments like any other ufunc. The inputs will be broadcasted against each other.


m : int

|m| <= n; the order of the harmonic.

n : int

where n >= 0; the degree of the harmonic. This is often called l (lower case L) in descriptions of spherical harmonics.

theta : float

[0, 2*pi]; the azimuthal (longitudinal) coordinate.

phi : float

[0, pi]; the polar (colatitudinal) coordinate.


y_mn : complex float

The harmonic $Y^m_n$ sampled at theta and phi


There are different conventions for the meaning of input arguments theta and phi. We take theta to be the azimuthal angle and phi to be the polar angle. It is common to see the opposite convention - that is theta as the polar angle and phi as the azimuthal angle.

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