scipy.ndimage.filters.generic_gradient_magnitude(input, derivative, output=None, mode='reflect', cval=0.0, extra_arguments=(), extra_keywords=None)[source]

Calculate a gradient magnitude using the provided function for the gradient.

Parameters :

input : array-like

input array to filter

derivative : callable

Callable with the following signature:

derivative(input, axis, output, mode, cval,
            *extra_arguments, **extra_keywords)

See extra_arguments, extra_keywords below. derivative can assume that input and output are ndarrays. Note that the output from derivative is modified inplace; be careful to copy important inputs before returning them.

output : array, optional

The output parameter passes an array in which to store the filter output.

mode : {‘reflect’,’constant’,’nearest’,’mirror’, ‘wrap’}, optional

The mode parameter determines how the array borders are handled, where cval is the value when mode is equal to ‘constant’. Default is ‘reflect’

cval : scalar, optional

Value to fill past edges of input if mode is ‘constant’. Default is 0.0

extra_keywords : dict, optional

dict of extra keyword arguments to pass to passed function

extra_arguments : sequence, optional

Sequence of extra positional arguments to pass to passed function

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