Determine connected components of a graph stored as a compressed sparse row or column matrix.

For speed reasons, the symmetry of the matrix x is not checked. A nonzero at index (i, j) means that node i is connected to node j by an edge. The number of rows/columns of the matrix thus corresponds to the number of nodes in the graph.

Parameters :

x: ndarray-like, 2 dimensions, or sparse matrix :

The adjacency matrix of the graph. Only the upper triangular part is used.

Returns :

n_comp: int :

The number of connected components.

label: ndarray (ints, 1 dimension): :

The label array of each connected component (-2 is used to indicate empty rows in the matrix: 0 everywhere, including diagonal). This array has the length of the number of nodes, i.e. one label for each node of the graph. Nodes having the same label belong to the same connected component.


The matrix is assumed to be symmetric and the upper triangular part of the matrix is used. The matrix is converted to a CSR matrix unless it is already a CSR.


>>> from scipy.sparse import cs_graph_components
>>> import numpy as np
>>> D = np.eye(4)
>>> D[0,1] = D[1,0] = 1
>>> cs_graph_components(D)
(3, array([0, 0, 1, 2]))
>>> from scipy.sparse import dok_matrix
>>> cs_graph_components(dok_matrix(D))
(3, array([0, 0, 1, 2]))

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