scipy.cluster.hierarchy.is_valid_linkage(Z, warning=False, throw=False, name=None)

Checks the validity of a linkage matrix. A linkage matrix is valid if it is a two dimensional nd-array (type double) with n rows and 4 columns. The first two columns must contain indices between 0 and 2n-1. For a given row i, 0 \leq \mathtt{Z[i,0]} \leq i+n-1 and 0 \leq Z[i,1] \leq i+n-1 (i.e. a cluster cannot join another cluster unless the cluster being joined has been generated.)

Parameters :

Z : array_like

Linkage matrix.

warning : bool, optional

When True, issues a Python warning if the linkage matrix passed is invalid.

throw : bool, optional

When True, throws a Python exception if the linkage matrix passed is invalid.

name : str, optional

This string refers to the variable name of the invalid linkage matrix.

Returns :

b : bool

True iff the inconsistency matrix is valid.

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