numpy.testing.assert_array_max_ulp(a, b, maxulp=1, dtype=None)[source]

Check that all items of arrays differ in at most N Units in the Last Place.

Parameters :

a, b : array_like

Input arrays to be compared.

maxulp : int, optional

The maximum number of units in the last place that elements of a and b can differ. Default is 1.

dtype : dtype, optional

Data-type to convert a and b to if given. Default is None.

Returns :

ret : ndarray

Array containing number of representable floating point numbers between items in a and b.

Raises :


If one or more elements differ by more than maxulp.

See also

Compare two arrays relatively to their spacing.


>>> a = np.linspace(0., 1., 100)
>>> res = np.testing.assert_array_max_ulp(a, np.arcsin(np.sin(a)))