numpy.core.defchararray.count(a, sub, start=0, end=None)[source]

Returns an array with the number of non-overlapping occurrences of substring sub in the range [start, end].

Calls str.count element-wise.

Parameters :

a : array_like of str or unicode

sub : str or unicode

The substring to search for.

start, end : int, optional

Optional arguments start and end are interpreted as slice notation to specify the range in which to count.

Returns :

out : ndarray

Output array of ints.

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>>> c = np.array(['aAaAaA', '  aA  ', 'abBABba'])
>>> c
array(['aAaAaA', '  aA  ', 'abBABba'],
>>> np.char.count(c, 'A')
array([3, 1, 1])
>>> np.char.count(c, 'aA')
array([3, 1, 0])
>>> np.char.count(c, 'A', start=1, end=4)
array([2, 1, 1])
>>> np.char.count(c, 'A', start=1, end=3)
array([1, 0, 0])