class numpy.record

A data-type scalar that allows field access as attribute lookup.


all(a[, axis, out]) Test whether all array elements along a given axis evaluate to True.
any(a[, axis, out]) Test whether any array element along a given axis evaluates to True.
argmax(a[, axis]) Indices of the maximum values along an axis.
argmin(a[, axis]) Return the indices of the minimum values along an axis.
argsort(a[, axis, kind, order]) Returns the indices that would sort an array.
choose(a, choices[, out, mode]) Construct an array from an index array and a set of arrays to choose from.
clip(a, a_min, a_max[, out]) Clip (limit) the values in an array.
compress(condition, a[, axis, out]) Return selected slices of an array along given axis.
conj() Return the complex conjugate, element-wise.
conjugate() Return the complex conjugate, element-wise.
copy(a) Return an array copy of the given object.
cumprod(a[, axis, dtype, out]) Return the cumulative product of elements along a given axis.
cumsum(a[, axis, dtype, out]) Return the cumulative sum of the elements along a given axis.
diagonal(a[, offset, axis1, axis2]) Return specified diagonals.
max(a[, axis, out]) Return the maximum of an array or maximum along an axis.
mean(a[, axis, dtype, out]) Compute the arithmetic mean along the specified axis.
min(a[, axis, out]) Return the minimum of an array or minimum along an axis.
nonzero(a) Return the indices of the elements that are non-zero.
pprint Support to pretty-print lists, tuples, & dictionaries recursively.
prod(a[, axis, dtype, out]) Return the product of array elements over a given axis.
ptp(a[, axis, out]) Range of values (maximum - minimum) along an axis.
put(a, ind, v[, mode]) Replaces specified elements of an array with given values.
ravel(a[, order]) Return a flattened array.
repeat(a, repeats[, axis]) Repeat elements of an array.
reshape(a, newshape[, order]) Gives a new shape to an array without changing its data.
resize(a, new_shape) Return a new array with the specified shape.
round(a[, decimals, out]) Round an array to the given number of decimals.
searchsorted(a, v[, side]) Find indices where elements should be inserted to maintain order.
sort(a[, axis, kind, order]) Return a sorted copy of an array.
squeeze(a) Remove single-dimensional entries from the shape of an array.
std(a[, axis, dtype, out, ddof]) Compute the standard deviation along the specified axis.
sum(a[, axis, dtype, out]) Sum of array elements over a given axis.
swapaxes(a, axis1, axis2) Interchange two axes of an array.
take(a, indices[, axis, out, mode]) Take elements from an array along an axis.
trace(a[, offset, axis1, axis2, dtype, out]) Return the sum along diagonals of the array.
transpose(a[, axes]) Permute the dimensions of an array.
var(a[, axis, dtype, out, ddof]) Compute the variance along the specified axis.

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