numpy.fabs(x[, out])

Compute the absolute values elementwise.

This function returns the absolute values (positive magnitude) of the data in x. Complex values are not handled, use absolute to find the absolute values of complex data.

Parameters :

x : array_like

The array of numbers for which the absolute values are required. If x is a scalar, the result y will also be a scalar.

out : ndarray, optional

Array into which the output is placed. Its type is preserved and it must be of the right shape to hold the output. See doc.ufuncs.

Returns :

y : {ndarray, scalar}

The absolute values of x, the returned values are always floats.

See also

Absolute values including complex types.


>>> np.fabs(-1)
>>> np.fabs([-1.2, 1.2])
array([ 1.2,  1.2])

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