Configuration.add_installed_library(name, sources, install_dir, build_info=None)

Similar to add_library, but the specified library is installed.

Most C libraries used with distutils are only used to build python extensions, but libraries built through this method will be installed so that they can be reused by third-party packages.

Parameters :

name : str

Name of the installed library.

sources : sequence

List of the library’s source files. See add_library for details.

install_dir : str

Path to install the library, relative to the current sub-package.

build_info : dict, optional

The following keys are allowed:

  • depends
  • macros
  • include_dirs
  • extra_compiler_args
  • f2py_options
  • language
Returns :

None :


The best way to encode the options required to link against the specified C libraries is to use a “libname.ini” file, and use get_info to retrieve the required options (see add_npy_pkg_config for more information).

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