Data type routines

can_cast ([from, to]) Returns True if cast between data types can occur without losing precision.
common_type (*arrays) Return the inexact scalar type which is most common in a list of arrays.
obj2sctype (rep[, default])

Creating data types

dtype (obj[, align, copy]) Create a data type object.
format_parser Class to convert formats, names, titles description to a dtype

Data type information

finfo (dtype) Machine limits for floating point types.
iinfo (type) Machine limits for integer types.
MachAr Diagnosing machine parameters.

Data type testing

issctype (rep) Determines whether the given object represents a numeric array type.
issubdtype (arg1, arg2) Returns True if first argument is a typecode lower/equal in type hierarchy.
issubsctype (arg1, arg2)
issubclass_ (arg1, arg2)
find_common_type (array_types, scalar_types) Determine common type following standard coercion rules


typename (char) Return a description for the given data type code.
sctype2char (sctype)
mintypecode (typechars[, typeset, default]) Return a minimum data type character from typeset that handles all typechars given