SciPy*arys) = < object>
View inputs as arrays with at least two dimensions.
arys1, arys2, … : array_like

One or more array-like sequences. Non-array inputs are converted to arrays. Arrays that already have two or more dimensions are preserved.

res, res2, … : ndarray

An array, or list of arrays, each with a.ndim >= 2. Copies are avoided where possible, and views with two or more dimensions are returned.


The function is applied to both the _data and the _mask, if any.


>>> np.atleast_2d(3.0)
array([[ 3.]])
>>> x = np.arange(3.0)
>>> np.atleast_2d(x)
array([[ 0.,  1.,  2.]])
>>> np.atleast_2d(x).base is x
>>> np.atleast_2d(1, [1, 2], [[1, 2]])
[array([[1]]), array([[1, 2]]), array([[1, 2]])]

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