Utility classes and functions for the polynomial modules.

This module provides: error and warning objects; a polynomial base class; and some routines used in both the polynomial and chebyshev modules.

Error objects

PolyError Base class for errors in this module.
PolyDomainError Issued by the generic Poly class when two domains don’t match.

Warning objects

RankWarning Issued by chebfit when the design matrix is rank deficient.

Base class

PolyBase Base class for all polynomial types.


as_series(alist[, trim]) Return argument as a list of 1-d arrays.
trimseq(seq) Remove small Poly series coefficients.
trimcoef(c[, tol]) Remove “small” “trailing” coefficients from a polynomial.
getdomain(x) Return a domain suitable for given abscissae.
mapdomain(x, old, new) Apply linear map to input points.
mapparms(old, new) Linear map parameters between domains.