MaskedArray.argmax(axis=None, fill_value=None, out=None)[source]

Returns array of indices of the maximum values along the given axis. Masked values are treated as if they had the value fill_value.


axis : {None, integer}

If None, the index is into the flattened array, otherwise along the specified axis

fill_value : {var}, optional

Value used to fill in the masked values. If None, the output of maximum_fill_value(self._data) is used instead.

out : {None, array}, optional

Array into which the result can be placed. Its type is preserved and it must be of the right shape to hold the output.


index_array : {integer_array}


>>> a = np.arange(6).reshape(2,3)
>>> a.argmax()
>>> a.argmax(0)
array([1, 1, 1])
>>> a.argmax(1)
array([2, 2])