Miscellaneous routines

Buffer objects

getbuffer(obj [,offset[, size]]) Create a buffer object from the given object referencing a slice of length size starting at offset.
newbuffer(size) Return a new uninitialized buffer object.

Performance tuning

setbufsize(size) Set the size of the buffer used in ufuncs.
getbufsize() Return the size of the buffer used in ufuncs.

Memory ranges

shares_memory(a, b[, max_work]) Determine if two arrays share memory
may_share_memory(a, b[, max_work]) Determine if two arrays might share memory

Array mixins

lib.mixins.NDArrayOperatorsMixin Mixin defining all operator special methods using __array_ufunc__.

NumPy version comparison

lib.NumpyVersion(vstring) Parse and compare numpy version strings.